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09:16 pm: Waiting for the shit to hit the fan.......still waiting....
I did downtown on foot today, and was both blown away and a little disappointed. There weren't that many good shops (thought there would be more), but those that were good were REALLY good. I went in to a very pricy antique store (Louis XVI bedsteads and all that business), and was very pleasantly greeted by two of the clerks, even though I was wearing my ordinary street wear. I was fully expecting to be treated like a hoodlum and followed and snipped at until I left in disgust (vengefully and audibly mumbling on my way out the door that EBay has better things for less). Apparently I look like a potential shoplifter. You know, not a balding middle aged white man in a collared shirt.
If I ever get four hundred dollars to flit away on trinkets, I'll definitely go back there. See where good service gets you?
Anyway, I was heading towards Starbucks for a drink, being the corporate hooker that I am, and walked past a newspaper box. A minor headline to the side of the paper said (in words that were louder in my head than they were on the paper) "GOVERNMENT SEIZURE OF PRIVATE LAND RULED CONSTITUTIONAL".
Apparently, the city government someplace in Connecticut decided to seize some peoples houses with the intention of evicting their inhabitants, razing the places, and building a mall.
Not a park, like some seem to think.
The people sued (understandably), and it went to the Suppreme Court. Which ruled that local governments could indeed confiscate people's land if it was for the GOOD OF THE COMMUNITY.
I was instantly reminded of the Australian movie "The Castle", which deals with a guy about to get evicted (and compensated. The American story doesn't mention compensation, but it had better have been offered.) so that an airline can extend the runway at the local airport. He sues (understandably).
It goes to the high court of Australia.
He wins.
In Australia, it is unconstitutional for the government to whip the rug out from underneath a homeowner. True story
Well, that's one right that Australians have that Americans don't. Australia = 100. America = 99.
What really gets me about this is that no one seems to be up in arms. This is a republican appointed supreme court, and there's a congress full of republicans who could fuss about this.
Isn't preventing this crap from happening what Republicans are for? To stand up for our right to bear firearms? To own land without fearing that some wank from city hall is going to come in and give us the boot off of OUR LAND so that yuppies can shop at GAP where our homes used to be? Aren't property rights a corrolary on the theorem of small government?
Hardcore Republicans like my grandparents, who used to rail on about how Al Gore wanted to end their social security and revoke people's rights to ride motorcycles (don't know where they got that last one). should be rioting in the streets!
Maybe they're not because the definition of "Republican" has changed, and, like a company changing hands, all the employees are shuffled over to the new office without question.
Apparently, if you're not in Bush's pants, you're not a republican, and if you're not a republican you're a traitor. Any sort of ideaology aside from the personal beleifs of the president and his lackeys is out the window. People, when given the choice and a little incentive, will always say "yes, master" before they say "wait a minute...that's just not right". The White House has this figured out and we've been seeing it for the last four years.
So, the grand ol' party is pratting on about Christianity and foetuses and human vegetables, and the danger that gays present to society (riiiiight).
Let's worry about the people whose status as living human beings is not open to debate before we start treading out into the quicksand that is morality.
Time for the Republicans to put the Whore of Babylon that is Evangelical Christianity back on the seedy corner where she belongs and start representing level headed Americans again.
Time for the GOP to stop accusing the democrats of treason, because they're becomming the whinning anchorless sissies whom they proclaim to hate.
Because if they don't get their act together,
Who's going to stand up for us small government people?

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