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09:32 pm: BASTARDS!!!!!!
Update on the below. Turns out that the city of New London Connecticut was planning on building a highrise hotel, some offices, and a Pfizer plant.
That's MUCH better.

Which brings me to today's topic:


1) Drug companies. From Merck's shameless covering up of the research revealing that Vioxx caused strokes (this one hits close to home, as I had a grandmother who was taking it shortly before she passed away) to the mind-blowingly high drug prices that pour salt in already bleeding wounds. The CEOs of drug companies are the biggest festering pile of pus that ever crept along the surface of this planet.

2) Evangelical Christian Ministers and Cartoonists (really the same thing). In doubt their bastardliness?
Go to www.chick.com. Like the drug companies, they are constantly in the pants of politicians. They'd be ok if they'd keep it to themselves instead of trying to convert me on the street corners and on the TV and in horrendously written scifi novels. Even that would be tolerable if they would get their hyphae out of legislature.
Someone needs to invent fungicide for fundies.

3) And the prize for artistic bastardization goes to the execs of game, music, and movie companies who think that rehashing the same bleeding ideas is a good business strategy. Why take a risk on something creative when you can wait for someone else to take a risk and then knock it off when it's highly successful?!
EXHIBIT A. War of the Worlds. So many good fantasy novels out there that are begging to be dramatized. So many screenwriters, musicians and game designers who have great ideas in their heads.
So let's take a RADIO SHOW that had no plot to begin with (the whole POINT of War of the Worlds was that people in the thirties thought that it was REAL) and make a plotless film with lots of explosions which will make fat sacks of cash. THEN, let's crank out a load of sequels to original movies that did well five years ago and ride that wave for a while!
So much for art.
And also, Tom Cruise is gay.

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Date:June 28th, 2005 01:27 pm (UTC)
i think all the people were offered about a million dollars to move too (i forget the exact amount, maybe i misheard)...so it's not like they weren't going to be compensated...your update is more in line to what i heard on NPR...i didn't think it was a mere mall...basically they wanted to revitalize the waterfront area cuz the city was going downhill economically

and they did say that kicking people out of their homes is not something the goverment (at any level) does lightly...so i may be an optimist, but i'm not expecting a rash of unjustified property seizures in the future

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