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03:13 am: Another drunken escapade.
Well now. I've been working on the genetics final all day. (At least since the time I got up at like uh...three...)Hey, when it's a blanket of grey outside and my room is frigid, I think "hmm...it's warm in my bed and cold out here. I think I'll get in bed to warm up" and then I open my eyes and it's like 3 in the afternoon. Damn. Well, I got up and worked on said genetics final. I hate take home finals because they always make them harder than they would an in-class final. They make them so that you have to think and be creative on every answer instead of just reiterating stuff from the lecture slides. Which reminds me...oh well. Lost my train of thought there because my macaroni was out of the microwave (which I managed not to set on fire this time. Stupid $20 microwave burns tender and moist macaroni like kindling wood.)Man, I really sound like a hick here. Sorry about that.
So, I finished answering pointless questions about two-hybrid screen, which you use to detect two proteins that bind to eachother by attatchig to a DNA binding site and an activating site of dna....which naturally bind to eachother to start duplication of dna. Except when you fuse stuff to them, the stuff you fuse to them will start transcription based on how well the two things you fuse to either end bind to eachother. Four out of ten questions finished, and it's due monday. Hopefully I can drag myself out of bed tomorrow by a decent hour and finish the bugger. Anyway, after that, I went to the grad centre bar with some friends (same friend I was professing my love to in grammatically incorrect German in the last post) and drank up to where I was feeling pretty tipsy...and I was like...gee...I wonder what I would feel like if I had another drink. So I did. And I drank it waaaay too fast. So now I am here writing this "train of thought" journal entry.* Notice how I only write when I'm smashed. One day I'll write when I'm sober and it will be all boring and formal, but still well written, except it will be like one of those scientific papers which I have to read in genetics, which read like the author was thinking "let's explain this in the most complicated way possible and not put two words together without making a cute acronym out of one of them". Will you beleive that there is a chromotography method called "MudPIT"? Stupid biologists trying to be cutesy. There's also a gene named "sevenless" with a gene in the same pathway called "son of sevenless." Haw, haw. Get it? It would be too much to ask for them to name each gene after what it did. No. God knows what the gene "sonic the hedgehog" does. The name is just a reflection of what some bored biolgist was wishing he could be doing instead of cleaning test tubes. When you spend that much time monitoring the protein levels in cells, it's hard to maintain a sense of humour.
The way the spelling of humour comes naturally to me reminds me: I was in the shuttle on the way home and said hi to the driver and was like "Hey, mayyyte." and he replied "Did you just call me mate?" and I responded "Yup, mayyyte". Gee. It's as if he had never heard a faux-stralian speak before. Hahaha.
I try to be like Sydney Carton when I'm drunk...drunk out of my head, but still somewhat aware of what's going on, and still intelligent. Sydney Carton. Oh my god. I love him so much.
Anyway, this whole post is going to be like a little treasure chest to me when I wake up, because unlike Sydney-habibi, I have no clue what I said. I'd like to see my future self read this sober. It would be highly amusing.
If you didn't have the patience to read through this, you missed my attempt to explain advanced experimental techniques in genetics while drunk (Somehow it's still more clear than the professor's explanation. I wish everyone in Bio 150 whatever could read this and see the light) , and my confession of everlasting love of Sydney Carton. Bet you'll go back and read it now, eh?
PS. Sydney Losstarot, my icon, is a sexy lot of pixels.

*The train of thought was at the station...and I missed it because I have to be at least five minutes late to everything.

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Date:May 16th, 2005 06:43 pm (UTC)
Sydney looks like a girl.
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Date:May 17th, 2005 06:10 am (UTC)

Not a girl.

I like effeminate men. Trust me, he doesn't look like a girl in the whole body view. ;)
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Date:May 17th, 2005 10:48 pm (UTC)

Re: Not a girl.

;p Unless I see him swinging his penis around like a lasso, he looks like a girl.
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