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09:51 am: A Dialog Between Japan and China
I should be studying for an exam now. But I think I'm going to post this and then take a nap, seeing as how I'm running on empty right now in the sleep department.
I've been reading about the conflict between the Japanese and Chinese that's been comming to a boil of late. Over textbooks(and islands, and a particularly nasty past) Oh well, I guess the trojan war was started over a woman (and women were of negative value in greek society). So, I've summarized the conflict below in an easy to understand dialog.

China: We feel impotent. People are restless. I know! Let's have a party and trash Japan! What can we use as
a theme for the party? How about the Rape of Nanjing in Japanese textbooks!
Japan: Hmmmm. Our place of honour at the top of China's shitlist isn't as stable as it used to be.
What can we do to piss off the chinese?
China: Don't you dare deny the Rape of Nanjing!
Japan: The rape of Nanjing?....Uh....What?
China: Germany had the balls to appologise and pay reparations to the jews!
Japan: Uh, we have appologised and you guys agreed that we didn't have to pay you reparations!
China: You didn't say it like you meant it.
Japan: Let's talk about something else....All your islands are belong to us.
China: Don't you change the subject! A new generation wants to hear you say how sorry you are for the
horriffic events that happened sixty years ago! And those are OUR islands!
US: Play nice, asians!
/Japan:Yeah, you should talk, gaijin. Let's hear about the American Indians. What exactly happened there?
US: Hey, we're America. We can do what we want!
Japan: If you hadn't tried to colonize us (or china), we would not have been trying to smack down Asia
sixty years ago!
China: And we'd still have a Mandate of Heaven. Damn. Those were the days...

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Date:April 13th, 2005 08:41 pm (UTC)
he he he
love the dialogue...

::hugs:: good luck on the semester...you're soooooooooooooooo close to done!
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